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Creating Gut Happiness and Healthiness

November 3, 2017

More and more research is showing just how important good gut health is, and the impact it can have on mental health, mood, and digestion.


Satisfying our taste buds is so important when it comes to meal time; it can stop us from craving unhealthy snacks soon after eating. But as well as satisfying our taste buds we should be trying to satisfy our gut. The bacteria in your gut play a big part in your overall gut health and wellbeing. If you feed these bacteria bad habits you could be triggering a range of illnesses, but if you feed them well, you’re more likely to keep your digestive system happy.

So how can we help keep our gut healthy and happy? Let’s take a look.

Eat a variety of foods.

It’s important to eat a wide variety of healthy, nutritious whole foods if you want to keep your tummy happy, and a diet that’s high in plant-based foods and fibre is beneficial. Some foods that help give you a healthy gut and promote a balance of good bacteria in the gut include beans, peas, brown rice, and barley. It’s no secret that whole grain foods are higher in fibre and nutrients than regular white wheat foods. So go for the grains next time you do your food shopping.


Probiotics and prebiotics play important roles in our gut health, so it’s important to consume both on a daily basis. Probiotics are the good bacteria that live in your gut. They assist digestion, support our immune system, and help us better absorb nutrients. So where can we find them? Yogurt is one of the best, and more accessible sources of probiotics. Others included fermented foods like; kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, and miso soup.

Give up the junk.

Diets that are low in nutrients and fibre, and high in junk contribute to poor gut health and bad communities of bacteria. It’s pretty simple really, a good diet means a healthier gut, and a poor diet means an unhealthy one. Happier tummies are linked to a better immune system, and a lowered risk of cardiovascular diseases and depression.

Rethink your drink.

A lot of us consider the foods we eat pretty carefully, but when it comes to drinks, our cautions fall by the wayside. Much like junk food, sugary drinks and alcohol contribute to poor gut health. Remember to drink water, this will help flush out the toxins in the body and keep you hydrated.

So really, it’s all about choosing the right foods, and the right qualities of the not so good foods. Before tucking into your next meal, consider how tummy-happy it’s going to make you. A few small changes can add up to a lot of gut happiness.


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