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Mundella Supports the Starlight Children Foundation through Sales of its Little Greek Ones!

June 3, 2015

We’ve joined forces with the Starlight Children’s Foundation to help raise money for sick children in WA. From 1 May, 10c from each WA sale of Mundella’s Little Greek Ones yoghurts will be donated to help grant Starlight ‘Wishes’ and promote Captain Starlight’s in-hospital programs.

We are also volunteering at Princess Margaret Children’s Hospital with our very own Daisy Cow joining Captain Starlight on his fun and laughter crusade.

We hope to be able to help children such as six-year-old Tayla. A rare genetic abnormality has left her physically and intellectually delayed. She also has autism, and can be overwhelmed and frightened by sudden changes around her.

For Tayla’s Starlight Wish, it was important to find something that would not only bring her joy, but also assist in her development. Her ‘Wish’ was for Cooper – a beautiful Cavalier King Charles puppy and her new best friend!

She has gained lots of confidence from her pet and her physical and motor skills have improved significantly.

When describing her Starlight Wish, Tayla’s mum, Vanessa, spoke a lot about the ‘sparkle’ that Cooper had brought to their lives.

“It can be so hard trying to manage everything, and meet all the needs of your child and the rest of the family – you don’t realise that you’re missing out on that special sparkle in life. And when you’re handed that by someone like Starlight, it’s amazing how much that can lift you up and keep you going.”

We’re so excited to be able to help Tayla, and other kids like her, over the next 12 months. Look out for our special purple packs of Little Greek Ones in stores now.

You can also share our journey with the Starlight Children’s Foundation by liking us on Facebook. Look forward to chatting soon!