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Mundella Yoghurt Helps Nurse Orphan Foal Back to Health!

May 10, 2016

We love it when our fans contact us via Facebook. The other day we had a curious message from Eve ‘Cheek’ Jarvis who wrote:

‘Just wanted to say a huge ‘thank you’ for making your Greek Honey Yoghurt! Our orphan foal has 60ml of it before every feed, and it has done wonders for his gut health. Pablo was orphaned at 5 days old and now, at nearly 8 weeks old, he’s been on your yoghurt [everyday] since he lost his mum. He suckles from the syringe, and can’t get it out fast enough.

Here’s a picture of Pablo for you, with his Mundella yoghurt chops!’

We were delighted to hear from Eve and the gorgeous Pablo, and couldn’t wait to meet them with our special delivery of Mundella yoghurt. Who knew that horses were Mundella fans too?!

Pablo is now on the mend which is brilliant news. Who doesn’t love a story with a Mundella happy ending?!