How is Mundella yoghurt made?

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How is Mundella yoghurt made?

Mundella yoghurt is made with a minimum of fuss and a whole lot of love with the best modern practices.

The milk is sourced from our neighbouring farms, mainly within a 20km radius and delivered to us within a few hours of the cows being milked. All our milk is creamy, absolutely delicious and fresh off the farm!

The milk is then turned into yoghurt using a modern process and tried and tested methods. This process makes our yoghurt super thick and creamy plus gives our yoghurt more protein than others.

We then add real fruit or natural flavours. You won’t find any additives in our products such as additives, gelatins, colours, thickeners, preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

At Mundella, we agree with the saying ‘less is more’ so you can enjoy every Mundella yoghurt, safe in the knowledge the delicious taste comes from only the best process and natural ingredients (and absolutely nothing else!).


Mundella’s Premium Natural and Greek Natural are finalists.


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